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Real Turmat


Real Turmat Reindeer Stew

It doesn't get more Norwegian than this, a delicious dish of re.

Real Turmat Energy Chocolate

Real Turmat Energy Chocolate. A tasty bar of chocolate with.

Real Turmat Chili Con Carne

Real Turmat Chili Con Carne. A tasty chili con carne with.

Real Turmat Chocolate Muesli

Chocolate Muesli. A new breakfast from Real Turmat, for the.

Real Turmat Taco Stew

This is a favorite at our house, Mexican you can get us for....

Real Turmat Beef Stew

Beef Stew. A delicious beef stew with rice

Real Turmat Meat Soup

Real Turmat Meat Soup. A nice hearty soup with potato...

Real Turmat Pasta Bolognese

Real Turmat Pasta Bolognese. A well-rounded pasta meal...

Real Turmat Bidos

A tasty, well-filled soup with potatoes and Reindeer vle.

Real Turmat Thai Red Curry

A deliciously spicy red curry, a vegan treat...

Real Turmat Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala. A very popular Indian curry dish....

Real Turmat Kebab Casserole

Real Tumat Kebab Casserole. A new flavor of Real Turmat.

Real Turmat Chicken Curry

Real Turmat Chicken Curry. A tasty rice meal with chicken....

Real Turmat Creamy Salmon with Pasta

Delicious Norwegian Salmon with pasta and a creamy sauce.

Real Turmat Pulled Pork with Rice

Inspired by American cuisine. Stew based on ...

Real Turmat Cereal

Real Turmat Cereal. A tasty oatmeal breakfast with a variety of.

Real Turmat Energy Drink Lemon

Practical drinking powder with the taste of lime. Add all.

Real Turmat Chicken Soup

Delicious soup with ginger, garlic and large pieces of chicken meat....

Real Turmat logo

The story of Real Turmat:

Drytech AS was founded by entrepreneur Rolf Hansen in 1989 after a long period of research and development of a gentle drying process. The drying process should ensure the taste, aroma and nutritional value of the products. It began with research and development of marine ingredients with the goal of selling products to the industry on a global basis. Rolf quickly discovered that the properties of the process were unique and could also be used to freeze-dry ready-to-eat meals. After studying the market, he developed a very good partnership with the Norwegian Armed Forces, among others. He started developing complete meals with the optimal composition of energy, plenty of flavor, aroma and consistency - where you only need to add hot water to get a complete meal. Drytech AS is located in Tromsø, Norway. Our production, product development and sales are carried out here by a team of 50 skilled and proud employees. Through a long and successful cooperation with our largest customers within the armed forces and hiking market, our products are now used in many different contexts Our products are no longer just used on long hikes and military exercises, but also in everyday life. Many people now see their usefulness on short family hikes, boat trips and as a quick, nutritious meal in a hectic lifestyle.

We hope you will try our tasty products. Bon appetit!

Real Turmat Best in Test

Real Turmat is a multi-test winner for taste, consistency and nutrition!



About Real turmat

Real Turmat is prepared primarily with fresh Norwegian ingredients, which are gently processed using our own specially developed concept. This concept is based on freeze-dried meals that after rehydration retain their natural taste, smell, appearance and nutritional value. We produce all our products based on the recommended dietary guidelines by the Norwegian Food Council. Our products contain no additives, trans fat or palm oil. The wide range we offer today includes lactose-free and gluten-free products.


In today's hectic lifestyle, it can be easy to lose focus of the need for adequate energy supply and minerals. The Real range makes this easier for you by giving you a supply of new energy without taking much time to prepare. By adding hot water up to the filling line, you have a nutritious meal in 5-8 minutes.

Control of energy balance

Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels is important for your health, energy production and stamina. Your blood sugar levels can rise sharply after a meal, especially if you eat foods with high levels of sugar or starch. This can lead to a sudden drop in energy and a feeling of fatigue. The Real product range has been developed with an energy composition that will help to maintain stable blood sugar levels all day.


Our philosophy is that all Real products will taste like "homemade". They are "pure" and healthy. They will also give you a supply of new energy, as well as more time in your busy lifestyle. Our products are perfect for:
- A well-deserved walk in the countryside or by the sea
- A meal before or after training
- When you are working overtime
- Securing your children healthy and good nutrition for activity
- A complement to travel/holiday food

The Real products are a range of nutritious and delicious meals for active people in today's hectic lifestyle

Production Method

The Real products are produced using the same method as you use when you cook food in your kitchen at home. We use everyday Norwegian ingredients. We use high quality products, which are freeze-dried using our own specially developed process. add hot water and let the product stand for 5-8 minutes, then it returns to its original form. In recent years, several Real products have been developed for people with gluten allergy and/or lactose intolerance.

Safe food

Safe food is a matter of course for us as food producers. It is also important that customers have the possibility of checking the safety of the product. Therefore, all our products are vacuum packed, so we have 100% control that the packaging is tight and there is no small leakage. Vacuum packaging also allows for a long shelf life without having to keep it at a special temperature.

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Huge collection of meals from the best brands
Shipment within 24 hours to the whole of Europe
Trusted webshop with reviews to prove it