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Lyo Food


Lyo Food Penne Bolognese

Lyo Food Penne Bolognese. This Penne bolognese is rightfully ...

Lyo Food Beef Stroganoff

Lyo Food Beef Stroganoff. A delicious classic Russian ger.

Lyo Food Mexican Style Scrambled Eggs

This dish has been with mankind for centuries. Since ancient rom.

Lyo Food Pork Stew With Pearl Barley

Pork Stew With Pearl Barley. Something different for a change; a varke...

Lyo Food Porridge with Cranberry, Apple and Cinamon

Autumn flavor in the best flavor combination. Try our version...

Lyo Food Organic Lentil Dhal With Millet

An aromatic red lentil dhal cooked in a creamy coconut...

Lyo Food Pork Loin In Dill Sauce

Pork Loin in Dill Sauce. Pork loin with potatoes and growth....

Lyo Food Coconut Porridge

Lyo Food Coconut Porridge

Lyo Food Apple Crumble

Apple pie without the cake! That was what inspired us....

Lyo Food Five Spice Chicken And Rice

Chicken and Rice Asian Dish. A delicious oriental rice maa.

Lyo Food Banana

Banana. A healthy banana, but easier to carry.

Lyo Food Cream of Mushroom Soup with Gorgonzola and Pasta

A delicious Mushroom soup, creamy, warming, with a del...

Lyo Food Cream of Broccoli & Spinach Soup with Mozarella and Pumpkin Seeds

Get power like Popeye! All the good stuff packed into a small...

Lyo Food Recovery Formula

A plant-based, natural solution to enhance recovery.

Lyo Food Speed Formula

A plant-based, natural solution to low energy for.

Lyo Food Apple

Apple. A whole apple, but easier.

Lyo Food Performance Formula

A herbal, natural solution to improve physical performa...

Lyo Food Farfalle In Gorgonzola Sauce

Farfalle in Gorgonzola Sauce. A tangy and creamy pasta me...

Lyo Food Organic Millet Porridge

Lyo Food Organic Millet Porridge

Lyo Food Logo

The history of LYO FOOD is strongly linked to its cooperation partner Lyovit - one of the leading producers of freeze-dried herbs, fruits and vegetables with 20 years of experience in the market. To meet the needs of climbers, sailors, backpackers and other extreme sports enthusiasts, Lyovit used its revolutionary technology and know-how to launch the first series of freeze-dried meals in 1998. The product was named"Lyofood" and was warmly received in the market.
Due to the increasing demand for healthy and tasty freeze-dried meals, a new international expansion strategy was developed. The Lyofood brand was separated from the parent company and restored as LYO FOOD. With a new design, new packaging and the proven quality LYO FOOD launched its new product line called LYO EXPEDITION.
The ideas and outdoor experience of LYO FOOD combined with the know-how and technology of Lyovit are the perfect foundation for creating exceptional products.


No preservatives or artificial food additives are used to prepare LYO EXPEDITION meals . Suppliers are carefully monitored by LYO FOOD to ensure that their products meet the highest quality standards . All herbs are grown in their own fields . LYO FOOD uses only natural ingredients . No flavor enhancers or artificial flavorings are added to the meals .


LYO FOOD has developed a unique technology , which is based on cooking all meals ingredients before freeze drying them - just like a normal dish is prepared . The result is the real taste of homemade meal. Other providers of freeze-dried meals mix the ingredients after they are prepared separately.


- Extremely high nutritional value
Consuming a LYO EXPEDITION meal allows you to achieve endless peak physical performance . The unique technology of LYO FOOD so that LYO products are characterized by one of the largest amount of calories on the market .

- Taste of a freshly cooked meal
The experienced chefs prepare LYO EXPEDITION meals as if they were preparing a real restaurant dish. Only fresh ingredients and LYO spices are used to give the dish an exceptional real taste .

- Functional and safe packaging
LYO EXPEDITION packaging is designed to be small and lightweight . Barren conditions experienced during expeditions were the main concern in the development phase . Extreme temperatures , altitude or humidity - LYO EXPEDITION meals have experienced it all and the packaging has proven to be 100% safe . While thinking about the practicality of the packaging , LYO FOOD has not forgotten attractive and modern design .

Freeze drying is also known as LYOphilisation

- Fresh taste
Freeze dried food retains its original taste. Freeze drying only removes the moisture content . The taste remains unchanged .

- High nutritional value
Freeze dried food has a very high caloric value . In addition, it retains all the natural vitamins and minerals of the food .

- Original shape and size of the product
Unlike other drying methods , freeze dried food retains its original shape and size .

- Low weight
During the freeze drying process 98 % of the moisture content is removed , resulting in significantly less weight . The meals are lightweight and compactly packed .

- Long shelf life
Freeze dried food can be stored for a long time . Because the water content is removed during the freeze-drying process the action of micro-organisms and enzymes is inhibited . Thanks to the hermetically sealed packaging, water and oxygen cannot reach the meal . In addition, an oxygen absorber is added to each package ( the absorber is not harmful to your health , but should be removed before consumption of the meal ) .

- Simple preparation
The sublimation that takes place during the freeze-drying process creates air gaps in the product . The addition of water prepares the meal and can be eaten within minutes.

- Safe and healthy
To ensure LYO FOOD meals are safe in every aspect , they are checked twice in the lab . Immediately after cooking and for the second time after the freeze-drying process.

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Huge collection of meals from the best brands
Shipment within 24 hours to the whole of Europe
Trusted webshop with reviews to prove it